Shop and rituals

DUMATO : a piece of Amazonia in Europe

On this website, DUMATO offers you a small overview of the biodiversity of the Amazon. To find out more, visit the DUMATO Boutique located in the Grottes district of Geneva. You will find the complete Amazonian Memories cosmetic range at preferential rates. 

The DUMATO Shop also offers Amazonian crafts made by Indian tribes, in particular bio-jewels and toys representing animals.

Organic jewellery

DUMATO also promotes organic jewellery with the same aim of enhancing the value of the Amazonian forest, thanks to the use of vegetable oils and butters from the jungle. Made by Indian women according to an ancestral knowledge, necklaces, necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and other ornaments are designed with seeds collected in the forest.

These seeds of different colours, shapes and sizes contain plenty of plant energy from the forest and embellish those who wear them.

DUMATO obtains its supplies from associations and cooperatives managed and directed by Indian tribes, guaranteeing the origin of the products and respect for the principles of fair trade.

Amazonian beauty and well-being rituals

Today, the Amazonian population is the embodiment of a cultural mix that has been shaped over the centuries, integrating indigenous, European and even African influences and knowledge.

In its ritual room located in the back shop, DUMATO offers massage sessions and treatments for the body and face based on this ancestral knowledge.

Lying in a hammock, rocked by the enchanting sound of the forest, you will, as in weightlessness, let go of stress and tension thanks to Amazonian massage techniques associated with DUMATO massage candles. Beneficial clay applications will help you relax. You will feel timeless, outside the city, in the middle of the Amazon.

You will also find some products from DUMATO’s Amazonian Memories range at the following address:

Davide Aires

18 rue des Grottes
1201 Geneva – Switzerland
Phone +41 (0)22 570 34 10

Opening hours:
Tuesday-Wednesday-Friday from 11am to 7 pm
Thursday from 11am to 7:45 pm
Saturday from 10:30 am to 5:45pm

Amazonian rituals on Thursdays and Saturdays