Guarana Dumato


Guarana Dumato

Authentic Guarana powder from indigenous lands. Vitalizing and energizing effect – 80 gr.

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Guarana Dumato powder comes from the lands of the Satere-Mawé tribe, heir, according to legend, to the still venerated original plant.

Guarana powder increases alertness, concentration and promotes memory development and maintenance. It is a natural energizer that has not undergone any transformation. Guarana is also known to reduce hunger.

This authentic Guarana powder is picked and dried according to traditional methods, guaranteeing a high concentration of guaranine, derived from caffeine. By establishing a security perimeter around their lands, the Satere-Mawé tribes avoid any contamination with plants of poorer quality.

Guarana Dumato is certified fair trade from the land of origin, as well as organic farming.

Additional information

Instructions for use

Take in the morning only. Mix a level teaspoon of Guarana in a glass of water, tea or fruit juice. Add sugar if necessary because of the bitterness. Do not take with coffee or in the evening. Not recommended for children and pregnant women.

Nutritional analysis for 100 g

: 370 kcal, 1570 kj, 73.3g carbohydrates, 13.9g proteins, 2.4g lipids: phosphorus 177 mg, Potassium 567 mg, Guaranine/caffeine 3 to 5 mg, Magnesium 81 mg.