Eye Contour Serum


Eye Contour Serum with beneficial anti-wrinkle and anti-puffiness properties

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Every relationship begins with a look. DUMATO has created this Eye Contour Serum to beautify your eyes. This blend of precious oils, among the noblest in the Amazon rainforest, deeply diffuses its beneficial anti-wrinkle and anti-dark circle properties.

Açai oil, rich in flavonoids, contains powerful antioxidants that regenerate and structure the dermis cells that provide firmness to the skin. Soursop oil acts as an astringent and fills fine lines. Green coffee oil releases its draining properties, reducing under-eye bags. Finally, babassu oil leaves a thin silky film on your skin.

The roll-on bottle facilitates the application of this serum and promotes drainage.

Apply to clean, dry skin by moving from the outer end of the eye to the inner end. Massage if necessary to increase serum penetration. Shake two or three times before use.

10 ml