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Protected Nature on your skin: cosmetic products handmade in Geneva with noble oils from Amazonia

Since the dawn of time, no mater their geographical origins, women and men have looked in nature for products to care for their bodies and embellish them.

Thanks to its knowledge and privileged contacts in Amazonia (where the cofounder comes from), DUMATO makes cosmetic products using raw materials from the largest reservoir of biodiversity in the world.

Its creations are conceived in a workshop in Geneva in line with artisanal processes, inherited from ancestral wisdom, for the care of your body.

DUMATO creams, body butters, massage oils and candles, balms, serums, soaps and clays contribute to the well-being of everyone, thanks to the diversity of Amazonian raw materials with beneficial properties, in agreement with Swiss and European manufacturing standards.

DUMATO’s universe is as much an invitation to discovery and travel as it is an invitation to go back in time, at time of ancestral knowledge inherited from Amazonian populations. You will find on this website other products from the Amazon, as well as legends, transmitted orally for centuries.

DUMATO’s belief: The protected nature on your skin.

The main range of cosmetic products developed by DUMATO is called Amazonian Memories. It is exclusively made with noble and precious oils and other ingredients from the Amazon forest, coming from fair trade and environmental protection chains. The water used in our creations however, comes from the Swiss Alps.

Buriti oil, açai oil, passion fruit oil, babaçu butter and bacuri butter are some of the many raw materials included in our creations. Their beneficial properties are known to Amerindian populations and confirmed by scientific studies.

The best way to protect your skin is to use natural products with recognised virtues.

Dumato song: Massage candles Amazonian Memories hand made in Geneva.

The DUMATO concept aims to:

  • Make you discover natural products beneficial for the body coming from the largest reservoir of biodiversity in the world;
  • Draw attention to a traditional knowledge, creating natural cosmetics, using ancient methods, in conformity with swiss and european sanitary rules;
  • Contribute, even modestly, to the protection the world’s largest equatorial forest from deforestation, thanks to the use of noble vegetable oils from Amazonian producers concerned about the environment. The local populations thus give more value to the trees who bring them a regular income each season, thanks to the fruits and seeds gathered, instead of cutting them down.
  • Open a door on Amazonia and its secrets thanks to craft products made by the Amerindian populations with seeds and plants: organic-jewelry, toys, baskets, etc.