Our story

DUMATO was founded in 2015 by a Swiss Brazilian couple living in Geneva sensitised to the protection of the environment and the enhancement of natural products beneficial to the body.

Luana is born and raised near the Amazon River she saw from her window. She is family physician. She worked in Brazil and Switzerland where she obtained a second medical degree allowing her to open a medical practice in Nyon in the canton of Vaud. She met Nicolas in South America over twenty years ago. He, a journalist, all-rounder, former biochemistry and ethnology student, has held several positions in the media and in institutional and private communication.

Out of a passion for Amazonia and a commitment to eco-development, they set about creating DUMATO and showcasing products that were unknown in Europe, but so beneficial. They have taken courses in natural cosmetics manufacturing in England and regularly visit Amazonian producers, local scientists and indigenous communities with ancestral knowledge. Their craft workshop is located in the Jonction district of Geneva.

They also rely on a vast network of family and friends, which contributes to the dissemination of DUMATO products.