Ethno-environmental supports

DUMATO obtains its supplies directly from small producers and cooperatives in the Amazon, without going through the large raw material distribution networks. Visits by DUMATO take place before importing new products in order to examine the supply and manufacturing process of vegetable oils and butters. The raw materials come mainly from the states of Para, Amazonas and Amapa in Brazil.

DUMATO also imports handicrafts and food supplements designed by Indian tribes. The acquisition is made from associations and cooperatives which guarantees the absence of an intermediary and the application of a fair price, as well as a fair distribution of income.

Amazonian craftsmanship is designed according to ancestral know-how with seeds, plants and bark collected in the forest. It is carried out by different Indian communities: Satéré-Mawé, Baniwa, Tikuna, Tuyuyu, Tucano and Yanomani.

More generally, buying products of Amazonian origin also contributes to the preservation of the forest. Local people give more value to the tree, which provides them with regular income each year, than to the felled tree.

As promised, DUMATO offer the Sateré-Mawé women’s association a portion of the profits made during Women’s Day on March 8. They thank us by singing in their language.